As promised, here is my personal experience on getting fitted for running shoes!
I get many questions that go along the lines of “what kind of running shoes do you recommend?” or “what is the best running shoe?”, and the only answer I have to those questions is: the one that works for you! Go to a running shoe store (not big 5 or sports authority or sports basement, an actual running shoe specialty store) and get fitted for the right shoes! It’s free too!
Getting fitted can help you avoid potential feet, leg, hip, and back injuries by ensuring that the shoes you have fit you and your feet, stride, and pronation perfectly. Many people fall under the “cute running shoes” trap and neglect getting fitted because they prefer better looking shoes over better quality ones. People often tell me that good running shoes are too costly, but to that I ask, would you rather spend an extra $20 on a good pair of shoes or $100+ on doctor and therapy visits from injuries that could have been avoided from wearing good shoes?
At the store I go to, the fitting process is a 12 minute ordeal. They ask me about my mileage and any injuries, measure my arch, watch me run, find my feet size, and then use that information to bring out different shoes that they feel would work for me. Then, I try on the shoes and run around to get a feel of them.
Not all running shoe stores may have the technology that mine does, but the workers there should at least ask to watch you walk/run and measure your arches. If they don’t even ask to see you walk, leave and find a better place. If a store doesn’t bother to take the time to ensure you get the right shoe, then they’re not worth your time and money.
Hope this helped!