work until your idols become your rivals

Hi I'm Sunny and this is how i started running. They are my idols.

PR's & Goals

So I just started cross country... Do you have any tips? Like anything at all to do with running, eating, recovering,etc. (:

Omg well when it comes to running, I most certainly prefer track way way waaay more than cross country. I just finished my first cross country season ever last fall and I guess what I learned from it is to work hard, don’t think too much, and enjoy the ride. Cross country is both mentally and physically demanding and I think if you let it get to you, it’ll be more fatiguing than enjoyable

Hi there! I just started my YouTube channel. My username is sofabar. Where I will be posting workouts and other health/fitness videos. I just posted my first video, which can be found on my tumblr. If you could check it out, it would be great! My workouts are influenced by my many years of competing in figure skating and my experience in different workout styles such as: ballet, pilates, core fitness, yoga, etc. If you're willing to support, that would be amazing! Thank you so much!

They’re great! Check her out guys!